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  Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you install your product?
    No, at Wilson Composites we specialize in the design, engineering, specification, and manufacturing of our products so that we provide a product your general carpenter, drywall, or exterior finish contractor can easily install.
  2. Can you recommend an installer?
    Yes, in the event that one of your on site contractors can not install the material package, our 30 years of industry knowledge will help you find an installation group to meet your needs.
  4. Does your company supply installation instructions and support?
  5. How is your material attached to the building?
    Each building condition presents a custom opportunity for attachment.  Contact us today to discuss the best method for your job                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  6. Does your product need to be painted?
        We recommend that all columns be painted in field after installation. Other FRP material does not have to be painted. Dark or metallic colors will have to painted either by Fibertech or an installer (Fibertech recommends installer).
  7. Do you supply shop drawings?
  8. Do you supply engineering calculations?
        Yes, we're able to provide engineering for the product, installation, or both in the case of an installed system from Wilson Composites
  9. Do your shop drawings show blocking required?
  10. Do you offer design recommendations?
  11. What is the typical length of cornice parts?
    8 feet in length
  12. How does your product come packaged?
       Under normal project conditions parts are individually wrapped and placed on full container truckloads for delivery to your jobsite.  On smaller deliveries, material is crated and shipped LTL. 
  13. Does your company have any onsite storage?
    No, we make our material to ship. Any storage beyond staging of parts is the customer�s responsibility.
  14. What is the thickness of material?
    3/16� nominal thickness with minimum of �� at the attachment points on shop drawings.
  15. Are your corners on a cornice prefabricated?
  16. What type textures are available for FRP?
    Our most common texture is smooth matte texture. Sprayed on textures are available at an additional cost.
  17. What colors are available with FRP?
    Fibertech can offer a wide range of colors. However we are not able to produce dark colors or metallic colors without painting the product. Please contact sales to find out how to handle the coloring of your project.
  18. How do you handle colors?
    Fibertech has standard colors that we use regularly. We also can custom match colors through our gel coat manufacturers as long as it is in Fibertech�s standard range of colors. Otherwise the project will need to be painted.
  19. How do I obtain a catalog?
    Download our catalog for custom fiberglass here. Email or call (864) 643-0991 for a complete binder.
  20. How do I obtain sample material? Do you charge for it?
    Contact sales for free samples.
  21. Do you manufacture fiberglass/frp?
  22. Which manufacturers do you work with?
    We'll recommend our friends at Fiberglass Specialties for custom cupola, spires, and other FRP structures when the project requires.
  23. Do you have a showroom?
  24. Can I view some of your products online?
  25. How do I obtain installation instructions?
    Download them from our website or ask a member of our sales team.
  26. Do you have an online order form?
    Not at this time.
  27. How quickly can I get pricing?
    It depends on the scope of your project. Pricing is usually available the same day.
  28. Do you have a toll free number?
  29. Do you accept credit card payments?

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